Senior girl dating a freshman guy

He is 6'4", nice looking, an athlete and all round great kid so I can see that side of it but come on!

I want to ask him about it tonight but I'm not sure how to handle it.

) I just wanted to get an idea from places outside of my school towards boyfriend/girlfriend relationships between Seniors and Freshmen.

There are some of those kind in my school, and it seems odd to me and most of my friends, but there are a few that don't seem to find it odd.

Now, I'm not so naive that I think my son is perfect but up to this point, that I know of, he has never lied to me.

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I occasionally ask about this girl because she'll show up at his games. Now I am not a prude by any means but what does a girl graduating in a month want with a freshman?

I guess if she was older than high school, I'd be more concerned.

One thing I've learned from both my kids who are grown now is that my dh and I often worried about the wrong kids they were associating with.

They now tell us some of the ones we felt they were the safest with were the worst!

(am I dating myself by mentioning Eddie on Leave it to Beaver who always was so charming around the parent and was a hellion) So I guess you never really know for sure!

Your son is thrilled to have an "older woman" interested in him and probably teaching him a thing or two. The age might not mean a thing to her, but the looks and atheletics might.

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