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“Speed dating puts us in the moment and allows us to see attraction in action and how people are responding to their dates,” says Trew.The duo expects to publish the study results in early 2017.

As part of the study, Carter and the team are also building a website,, to share their research and help educate the public about sex and intimacy for women living with HIV.Simon Fraser is on the road for a pair of games next week in Alaska.Contributed Allison Carter, a Ph D student in health sciences at SFU, is studying how the relationship patterns of HIV-positive women are connected to positive aspects of sexual wellbeing, like pleasure and love.While you’re finding that special someone, Trew and SFU psychology professor Rebecca Cobb are collecting data to study what factors predict romantic attraction and how the process of starting a new romantic relationship works.“I am interested in the effect of emotional states and mental health on attraction and relationship initiation,” says Trew, who is a clinical psychologist.“We’ve done a great job of using medicine and education to prevent HIV, and now we really have to teach people about how you can love someone with HIV," she told Metro.

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