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He has gotten to know her very well, and has come to call her a friend, and maybe more, usually she is the only one he ever opens himself too.

Name:justin henion Race:human Age:23Gender:male Sexuality:? Preferred Collars: N/APreferred Charms: N/APersonality:very calm and quiet, keeps to himself in public, enjoys sampling new things and indulging in those he enjoys.

She's very social and talks to everyone, your either her friend and her enemy, there's no in between.

Displays her emotions on her face and is very expressive.

At this time, he has only been working for one person, Akiko.

Though it seems he has got lucky with obtaining her as his Master, she being very kind, and always treating him like an equal, though around others that is kept hidden.

As soon as the clothes start flying, take it to PMs.

To most he is an outcast, he doesn't socialize with anyone else, and is usually the one to be sitting alone, staring at the ground.

Robot just wants to blast off and chill out with his friends. Even kicking back with some soft serve turns into an epic sci fi, laser blasting, quest through puzzlin...

In public she treats him like nothing, dirt, but in private she's kind and tells him everything.

Name: Lunara Race: Lycanthrope Age: 19Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight as an arrow. Angered, she's hard to contain and more likely to succeed in drawing blood.

This particular boy was strange, being he had cat ears. Now this has become a fad in the small, dark world. Collars: Red: Dangerous and violent Blue: Calm and quiet White: Pure, calm, shy, and no threat at all Black: Sneaky and extremely dangerous Yellow: Lean and skinny Orange: Strong and athletic Charms: Skull: Hunter Book: A teacher Star: Pleasure Barbell: Physical Labor Heart: Emotional Relationship (Example: Adopted child, wife)Skillet: Maid Master Template: Name: Race: (Masters must be either vampire or human)Age: Gender: Sexuality: Preferred Collars: Preferred Charms: Personality: Bio: Appearance: Slave Template: Name: Race: (Can't be human or vampire)Age: Gender: Sexuality: Collars: (Max 3)Charms: (Max 3)Personality: Bio: Appearance: I'll make mine later x D Aang is very quiet, he doesn't ever show emotions anymore, so use to what he has been put through.

Now for some strange reason, the humans took interest in this boy. Races of all kinds fall victim to the humans, except for the almighty vampires of course. He does what he is told at all times, deep down he is afraid what would happen if he didn't.

Even though he is the quiet type, he is known to blush from time to time, being one to be very shy around others.

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