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Since it was introduced in 1775 as the Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Danish porcelain with its blue-on-white decorations has never lost its appeal.

The blue fluted pattern has never stopped being made using floral variations.

Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775 under the protection of Queen Julianne Marie.

The company's first dinnerware pattern, Blue Fluted, is still being produced today.

The chocolate pots were cylindrical, and the porcelain cover was topped by a tiny brass lid.

When they introduced their under glaze blue decorations in 1886, for the first time Royal Copenhagen had competition.Kaolin, an important ingredient to the glaze, was imported beginning in 1778 from France.The result was a pure white glaze that identifies today's pieces.Royal Copenhagen's porcelain is favored by royal families and beloved for it distinctive patterns.An innovator in porcelain, the company was one of the first European potteries to use kaolin in the process of making their hard- paste porcelain.More affordable and available are pieces from the 1920s. Most pieces are marked on the bottom with the factory mark of three wavy lines. From 1894 to 1900, a crown over the word Denmark was used. No portion of the Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine may be reprinted or reproduced without express permission of the publisher.

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