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I don’t think an artist and a shaman actually have that much difference if we go back, way back, in time.

Today, it’s just gotten so wrapped up in intellectual stuff that we’ve gotten far away from a basic truth about what artists do in the world.

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Weixler, as well as Joel Murray and Scoot Mc Nairy, make brief appearances, but this is a movie driven by these two actors alone, and they’re quite capable in every moment. Miller (who cut his teeth as with camera work on films like “Humpday” and “Your Sister’s Sister”) does a fine job capturing both the bleak boredom of the Chicago neighborhood in the film’s first third and the idyllic peace of rural Wyoming in the following acts.

The urban locations are all concrete and glaring lights, while the country scenes feature grass waving in the wind, sunlight streaming through clouds, and cloud-dappled blue skies.

However, Partridge’s drama does share their emphasis on dialogue, characters, and relationships.

Though not always successful, this is a complicated film that should cause its audience to continue to think about its characters and the actions they take.

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As David, Partridge has the less obviously impressive role, but it’s a complicated one.

He struggles believably, but — as director, screenwriter, and actor — he never pushes the character into total irredeemability.

It made me want to throw up and say what the hell were these people thinking when making this movie.

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