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The 975 model and its 12 string brother the 976 model were the top of the line imported Grecos in 1968.

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Adolph Rickenbacker – then spelled Richenbacher – had a tool and die shop near National, and was contracted to produce metal bodies and resonator cones for National guitars, ukuleles and mandolins.

The NS model was introduced in 1946, but had black position marker dots until 1948. There are two versions of the headstock logo – one is the decal as seen here, the other a metal plate.

Both logos read Rickenbacher Electro RE Los Angeles.

In 1982 the Greco "Mint Collection" was introduced, which continued the high standard of the "Super Real Series".

In 1982 Kanda Shokai and Yamano Gakki become part of Fender Japan and Kanda Shokai stopped producing its own Greco Fender replica models.

These were very similar to the Ibanez Gibson-like models available at that time and most of these models had a Greco logo that looked more like "Gneco".

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