Rainie yang and show luo dating 2016


She has participated in numerous film festivals and fashion shows.Fan Bingbing is remarkable in more than 50 commercials, including for major brand L’Oreal.They are performing for over 10 years and have collected many fans during their career.Each of their concert shows their true notoriety through Asia. Show Luo is a famous actor, singer and dancer Taiwanese.His last appearance was for the American film X-Men.In 2014, they were 15 new celebrities, including 9 Chinese mainland, 1 Hong Kong and 5 Taiwanese.He is particularly known for his appearances in films as .This is one of the famous young Chinese celebrities in China.

This group is one of the most popular in Taiwan and on the Chinese scene.Her salary in 2013 was estimated at 122 million yuan!She is known for her hard work and as a fashion icon.Jackie Chan is also director, gifted martial artist and writer.His 60th anniversary has attracted a flood of unimaginable fans! He has even been portrayed by famous artist Hong Yi using Chop sticks. He was elected favorite pop generation Canto by Times Magazine.His love story with Liu Shishi, the lead actress Scarlet Heart 1 and 2, has strengthened his reputation with his fans. This is the most famous Chinese actor on the American stage.

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