Rachel truehart and nick peterson dating teairra mari dating bow wow


“When I first got back [from Bachelor Pad], I was stopped all the time.

Girls sometimes would chase me down the street,” Truehart says, as she sat in Green Café on 59 Street and Madison Avenue, clad, appropriately, in Ralph Lauren clothing during a recent interview.

Rachel Truehart, 28, first graced America’s television screen in 2012 when she appeared along with 24 other women on season 16 of “The Bachelor” and vied unsuccessfully for the heart of Sonoma wine maker Ben Flajnik.

A few months later, after recovering from her public heartbreak, the Massachusetts native was approached by show producers and asked to appear on “Bachelor Pad,” a spinoff game show of “The Bachelor” in which 20 former Bachelor contestants, ten guys and ten girls, compete as couples to win a quarter of a million dollars, and a second shot at love.

If Truehart and Peterson stuck with their previously agreed to decision, then they were to split 0,000 in prize money and be crowned the joint winners of “Bachelor Pad.” Truehart sat perfectly poised, with just a hint of fear tainting her bright blue eyes, and she revealed that she would honor her decision to share the money with Peterson, a “frat boy” type with his floppy hair, toned body and cool demeanor.

However as Peterson began to respond, his unruffled persona hinted that something was about to go wrong.

Truehart, unlike most of us, still basks in a bit of fame.

After working as a sales representative in the textiles industry, she was ready for a change. And while she does not regret her time spent on “The Bachelor,” it was not the vacation she anticipated. “Sometimes they’d let us go to the gym in 30-minute increments, but we’d have to be walked down [by a crew member],” Truehart says.

“You can’t just lay by the pool; it’s not this relaxing vacation.” After eventually facing elimination on “The Bachelor,” Truehart thought she would never appear on reality television again.

In order to vote, each cast member had to go into a secluded "voting room" and drop the headshot of the person they wanted to go home into a wooden box. would then be responsible for choosing the man who leaves.

This complicated things a great deal, because you couldn't just vote out your biggest enemy in the house since they could bring you down as well.

Her blonde locks, killer blue eyes and vivacious attitude create the perfect look for reality television and, as she sits in the café, she seems almost out of place with her Hollywood looks.

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