Private cuckold


Sometimes the cuckold is just forced to watch or maybe stand in the corner.

But at other times the cuckold will become more involved.

The other type of cuckolding is cuckold fetish or cuckold submission where the cuck is fully aware of his partners activities and usually fully supportive of such activities.

This type of fetish is very common in a relationship involving domination and submission.

Women especially benefit from the freedom a Cuckold relationship can offer them, as many of these new types of relationships put them squarely in charge of their own destinies.

One such relationship, a Wife Led Cuckold relationship, gives the woman absolute freedom and comfort, and can lead to true fulfillment in a way that a male­dominated monogamous pairing simply cannot.

The favorite part of being the cuckold is usually have to prepare the lovers for his wife or doing cleanup afterwards.

Verbal abuse or even just laughing at the cuckold is all part of the humiliation.

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Many couples living this Wife Cuckold Polyamorous lifestyle actually have stronger, closer bonds than couples in traditional marriages, and they get the chance to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.A Wife Led Cuckold Marriage consists of a Dominant wife, a submissive husband, and any other men that the woman would like to have as lovers.These other lovers don’t typically live in the home with the husband and wife, but the husband is fully aware of the other men and actually fully supports his wife’s sexual encounters with these other men.For women, a Wife Led Cuckold Marriage allows them to use their natural feminine superiority and talents to lead their families.Most women have a natural dominance, and when nurtured and explored in a Wife Led Cuckold Marriage, leads to intense satisfaction.Cuckold Legend There have been many legends surrounding cuckolds.

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