Platonic dating meaning

Familiarity and a lot of time spent together could help you with that.And even if your friend makes a move on you one eventful day by getting on top of you or by trying to kiss you, push them away by treating them like a child, or call them silly names for behaving in such a stupid manner. ] 10 tips to hold on to a platonic friendship If you want to hold on to a platonic relationship and stay friends for a long time, here are 10 things you need to keep in mind.Even if it hurts, it makes it clear that both of you are going to stay as best friends.#6 Emphasize on how much the friendship matters to you every now and then to your friend. Even if the spark is ignited in just one weak moment, it takes years to extinguish it.Don’t touch softly on the arm, instead pat hard on the shoulder.

[Read: 20 conversation signs that reveal if he’s getting attracted to you] Why is it so hard for a guy to look at a girl as a friend?[Read: How to make your jealous boyfriend feel less jealous] With so many odds stacked against your favor, is a platonic relationship worth the effort?How to have a platonic relationship If you’re not threatened by all these worries, and still feel like you and your best friend of the opposite sex have what it takes to share a platonic friendship, read on.But that’s a big IF, because you have several hurdles to cross before you get to the part where both of you can be comfortable in each other’s company without letting sex get in the way. If you can hold on to a platonic relationship, it’s one of the best things you can do.It gives you a better perspective of the opposite sex.And chances are, both of you may end up sharing a lasting and perfect platonic friendship.

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