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After days of ignoring and avoiding Blanche, Rose realizes that she can't let the past get in the way of their friendship. Blanche really didn't sleep with Charlie after all.

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Blanche, on the other hand, is trying to keep her granddaughter entertained, something she's never had to contend with since she sent her own children to boarding school.

Rose has it developed and discovers a photo of Blanche in bed with Charlie. She calls Blanche a "slut" and gives her the silent treatment.

In her own defense, Blanche produces a journal she has kept over the years of all the men she has slept with.

If the weekend is a success, Blanche hopes to impress Kendall Nesbitt, the museum's Director of Acquisitions, enough to be his hired as his assistant.

Blanche would "kill" for this job, but Posey Mc Glinn, the other candidate, is her main competitor for the position.

The inspector finds out, through Rose's big mouth, that aside from the hot tub permit, Blanche will need a boarding license (for renting to three people) and will have to make modifications to the home which could cost ten thousand dollars! Rose feels this is all her fault and decides to move out.

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