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Keep your toys, lube, and some commonly requested sexy outfits (yes, some guys will just want to watch you try things on) within reach.

It may be a perfectly innocent mistake, but if you don’t have what you need during a show and you tell a paying customer you’ll be right back to get it, you’ll probably lose the customer--he’ll think you are stalling to squeeze him for more money.

If I do reply, I say, with my sweetest smile, “aw, I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, but it’s all about fun in my chat room so I’m going to ban you now.” Then I say hello to someone else, to show I’ve moved on. Responding in such a way makes you stand out and it impresses them.

The spenders will then be more apt to take you in a paid private show.

If you show them, they will either keep asking for more things or they will leave the room. Simply don't respond to begging, or say with a smile, "mmmm...

sounds like fun, let's go private so I can do that for you."So, there you have it! They are in no particular order and I learned them all from direct experience.

I put on my profile that I loved to ride and I highlighted it. If you are not comfortable with an activity, like role playing or domination, it’s alright. The VIP customer with 0 in his account that left your room after seeing your bad side, may never return to see how sexy and sweet you usually are. That’s a fetish for a lot of guys and they may try to get you angry just to get a free domination show.

When guys are rude to me, I usually ban them without even responding. They saw what the jerk wrote and they are probably used to seeing girls lose their cool in that situation.

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And always remember, this is a business, so let’s look at ways to make it a more profitable one.(For those who don't know, free chat is the unpaid chat mode you are in where you stay clothed and flirt with guest visitors and site members while they decide if they want to enter into a by Browse to Save"and you had a customer on the line would you freely speak about how bad your day is going and that every other customer before them has been getting on your nerves? Well, there’s no one to fire us as cam girls, so it’s up to us to be smart about our behavior. The customers can go to their girlfriends or wives if they want to hear complaints.If you choose not to use toys as a cam girl you should have stockings, heels and lingerie to make up for it; and/or be comfortable with domination. Most sites give models some indication of whether a customer has money on their account or not.It’s important to remember though, that even if someone is a guest with no money on their account, it only takes a minute or so to sign up with a credit card, and even less time to add money if they already have a card on file.I tend to get better quality traffic when I post a headshot as my main photo.By better quality I mean guys who stay in my room longer and have good manners.When you get paid you can invest a few dollars on the things requested most often, including one or two toys if you don't have any.

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