Paula creamer dating ben roethlisberger


Did Big Ben ever say where he was racing to that motorcycle day? I am guessing you would stop doing what you love because, your insecure and you just want to ruin other peoples day by writing crap like this.For more on celebrites gone wild on Tahoe golf, stay tuned to Travel this week. And umm since you are a reporter I would use correct grammar, not grill. Sad that you rip a guy for his participation in a golf event for charity.

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The real celebrity cachet is golf access these days. If he wants to play golf in his spare time let him play. And all of a sudden something went wrong, you got hurt or someone started to make a big deal about it. Would you keep doing it because you love it or stop because you want people to stop talking about you.Even brush off a rearranged face" shows how utterly stupid you are. Just like you trash talk about every other athlete. Because you're a fat, blabby bald guy who was never an athlete.That's not what the article was about and you know it. It's sad that you basically live the life of a 12 year old, petty jealousies and all.Your comments in the article as well as your feeble attempt to defend yourself are probably the most ignorant things I've ever had the misfortune of reading on the web.Thank you for taking it upon yourself to dumb down society to your intellectual level.Golf has practically become the drug of choice for the famously vain. Roethlisberger plans to tee it up at the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe this week (practice rounds start tomorrow with NBC getting in on the act with live coverage on the weekend). “His people called up and said under no circumstances take him off the list,” NBC Sports senior vice president John Miller told the .

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