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By the time police found him half-naked and slipping in and out of consciousness, after his worried daughter could not raise him on the phone, the Black Widow had fled.She coldly claimed in court last week: “He drank too much and fell over.She lapped up the high life on the Cote d’Azur, sailing yachts on the Med by day, and glittered at cocktail parties or upmarket restaurants by night.And all the time, she was looking for wealthy men to be her victims.First to die was 85-year-old ­construction boss Francesco ­Filippone, whose body was found naked and decomposing in the ­bathtub of his beautiful villa near Cannes in February 2011.On the day of his death, mum-of-two Dagorn cashed a cheque for £19,000 that he had written her. The body of Michel Kneffel was discovered in the hotel bed he had shared with the Black Widow.

For two years, it seemed, the divorced law graduate, who is now 57, had loved every minute of her cruel fortune-hunting.

Justin Timberlake] It was just an insane moment of my life, to be a part of that video. And one that, you know, you realize there are people in this world that only know me from this video.

June 2005 - August 2010After 5 years together, Patricia Arquette and Tom Jane may be calling it quits.

There, Patricia began putting tasteless mind-altering drugs into his food and coffee and plying him with whisky.

While he was semi-conscious she made him sign papers pledging that thousands of pounds would be paid to her in the event of his death.

After just three days together, ­Patricia drugged Robert’s meal before getting him into bed where she tried to get him to sign papers giving her 215,000 euros from his account.

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