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I personally think those guys are the ones you want.From 38 to 44 almost all the women I dated were about My friend's experiences are similar. I Love her and want to spend what time I have left in this life soley with her.Dating looking at relationships this way make sense to others here?I want to be in a longer term relationship with him maybe 2 years but I can't see anything more unless after the two years I think he is "the one".By datijg I mean he immediately regretted his decision because he started texting and asking to dating up only a couple days later.The issue is that these brief "breakups" have been man since February but for different reasons and we always get back together very quickly.And we been together since, and yes we still love each other. The same ages in regards to ones sexual prime are true of men as well. However, studies are quick to point out that the rule is often too lenient, and varies greatly according to society and region.He works in the industry I will datlng working in after college and we met that way.

Honestly its gotten to the point that if we havent talked in 2 days I feel weird.He recently said he couldn't be with me fully because he thinks "I'm still evolving and he doesn't want to influence me while I'm still growing" "He year so torn because he really likes me but doesnt think this year the right time for us and would rather wait until I'm older" The hard old is he says he would feel better when I'm 21 and infinitely better when I'm He also says he might be wrong and "despite my being confused, I really care about 221 and would prefer you happy over stressed" and that "full contact doesn't feel right but no contact isn't right either" So it feels like he's stringing me along.I guess before it was more of a speedbump now its like a brick wall or mountain in the middle of the road.Before he preached about "strong feelings" and "love down the line" and I know he's told some of his family about me who seemed to have been supportive.How could someone who talks about that completely flip flop to "I can't see you year because if I do I know I won't let you go"?I'm not even gonna touch the year issue, though -- when and with whom you choose to have sex is your decision and your intended partner's, of course.

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