Online dating wink

If you want to do your own homework, here’s a list of local/state websites that can help: For background checks out of state, try to learn the city or county that person is from, and look up their county clerk’s site.A private investigator, like Keith Perry, can also get nationwide searches done easily.Most states also have sex offender search websites.For more thorough and wider searches, hiring a private investigator is also an option.Perry said he can get driver’s license information and even neighbor’s numbers.

Officials say, do not be afraid to ask for this information.

As For Mia, she said she won’t blindsided ever again.

She plans on spending time and money looking into any future partner’s background.

I went with my heart, instead of my head, and it was a huge mistake,” she said.

In the United States, 25 percent of couples meet online, but many sites do not conduct background checks on their members.

Dating sites like e Harmony, Match, JDate and Christian Mingle screen for sexual assault and identity theft conviction, but a lot of other states do not do background checks.

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