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He is a great person, I am head over heels for him, and he indicates he feels the same way about me.

We recently said, "I love you." We have excellent chemistry in the bedroom as well, but recently he brought up that he loves anal sex and that it's a fetish of his.

I wonder why they don't think it's equally true that if you love someone who has no interest in your fetish, that person should be accommodated—especially if the fetish makes it difficult to sit at your desk the following day.

I know that for the gay community, anal sex is not a "fetish" but a standard part of the repertoire, and that it's also a common variation for many heterosexuals.

I'm a pretty open person, but I'm afraid that I'll never be as into anal sex as he is, if at all.

We lived across the country, and I would visit for a month every other year.

When it was time for me to go to college, my father agreed to pay for my schooling.

Then my stepmother called me and said that my father had a heart attack and that his dying wish was to see me, but that she wouldn't let me see him.

I would love to have my student loans paid off but do not want to ruin my relationship with my future sister-in-law. If your future sister-in-law is furious now, imagine how she's going to react when the darling baby comes and Grandma lavishes love, attention, and gifts on her or him.

It's too bad that this grown woman can't be happy that there will be a next generation for her nuclear family, but you can always hold out hope that her niece or nephew might win her over.

She's a wealthy woman, and she has offered me an incredible gift: She wants to pay off my considerable student loans.

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