Old dating terms


Technology makes dating easier in some ways, but also more challenging -- the illusion of limitless choice makes it harder for people to pick one person to settle down. Because of the lack of offline social ties with the vast majority of people you meet online, a lot of social behavior that wasn't acceptable in the past has become the norm.

Three of the biggest trends likely to be experienced (and complained about) today are ghosting, benching and zombieing.

If that regret becomes too much to live with, I don't begrudge anyone trying to rekindle an old flame.

This all depends on the quality of the contact and the initial relationship.

Smith is such a manther, did you see his new girlfriend?

She's got to be less than a quarter of his age.

The best case scenario is the person likes you, but for whatever reason (more seriously involved with someone else, has commitment issues) wants to keep you at arm's length.

Just 20 years ago, you were mostly limited to dating people in your immediate social and geographic circle.

People do change, though change happens in unpredictable ways.

I know I've blown a few relationships that I later regretted messing up.

Random "hi" text messages or a stray like on Instagram out-of-the-blue feel lame because they are -- they don't honor the emotional toll the former relationship or the zombie's initial disappearance took on you.

Ask yourself -- was this relationship one that I would want to re-live?

Your best course of action in this situation depends on what you want.

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