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This was a life changer.” -Lali Mayster If Danielle La Porte and Shakira had a love-child with Mae West, it’d be Liz Di Alto.

Liz is a speaker, writer and the creator of Wild Soul Movement, a sensual practice in self-discovery that combines movement, mantra, and meditation.

I can honestly say I made some wonderful friends for life, and some amazing business connections. Wishing you the best in you life and in your business! ” -Lauren Garcia “Thank you Nathalie Lussier, team and speakers for putting out such a great program! I’m grateful for the opportunity to be in a room with such amazing people and for the new friendships I made, and learning new things to apply to my business.

It’s been such a treat, and I’m still feeling the energy!

As the Founder of The Yogipreneur, she’s been behind the scenes at lululemon athletica, Yoga Alliance, International Association of Wellness Professionals, and hundreds of healing helping businesses around the world.

She’s normally based waaay out in Honolulu with her handsome submariner and their alarmingly adorable three-year-old, which is why she’s beyond excited to kick off the summer in her home state of Texas talking (copy) shop with YOU.

Thank you.” -Lori Rochino “The generosity and kindness that flowed from the hearts in the room was not only inspirational and uplifting, but omg I learned so much.

Thank you thank you thank you for every person I met, connected with and let me in to their space and energy.

It’s not about cutting out crème brulee, it’s about embracing the life you want, right now.

Living a full, meaningful life is a great adventure; when you have adventure in your life, diving into a pint of ice cream seems less exciting.

We are such a gorgeous crowd inside and out, I feel this weekend was a blessing. Thank you Nathalie Lussier and everyone else who made this event possible.

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