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Almost a dozen Ethiopian students likewise went to the United States.

They included Makonnen Desta, who studied anthropology at Harvard, and later became an interim Ethiopian Minister of Education, Makonnen Haile, who studied finance at Cornell, and Ingida Yohannes, veterinary medicine at New York University.

The low-lying plains states of Semenawi Qayih Bahri and Debubawi Qayih Bahri make up the coast line. Between 750,000 and one million Eritreans left the country as refugees as a result of a 30-year long war with Ethiopia, and approximately twothirds of them relocated to Sudan. Equally divided between Christian and Muslim religions, Eritreans live a mostly agrarian life. The Eritrean flag is green, red, and blue with a gold olive wreath.

Anseba, Gash-Barka, Debub, and Maakel are located inland and are comprised of the central highlands, the western lowlands, and the mountainous north. At least nine languages are spoken in Eritrea, although linguists report a total of twelve languages, including one used only for religious purposes. Only 15 percent of the population has access to safe drinking water. Eighty percent of the population is rural, with 50 percent working as farmers. Its emblem is a camel encircled by an olive wreath.

Three other students, Melaku Beyen, Besha Worrid Hapte Wold and Worku Gobena, went to Muskingum, a missionary college in Ohio, two of them later transferring to Ohio State University.

Melaku Beyan, who was one of the two who attended Ohio State, later received his medical degree at Howard Medical School in Washington, D. However, the net movement of permanent immigrants remained low during this period as most temporary immigrants ultimately returned to Ethiopia with a Western education to near assured political success, while the relative stability of the country determined that few Ethiopians would be granted asylum in the United States.

It has six provinces covering mountainous highlands and arid lowlands over a total of 48,000 square miles.

To the north and west lies Sudan, and to the south, Ethiopia.

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C., when people from the Nile valley migrated to the Mereb-Setit lowlands.The tiny country of Djibouti is located to Eritrea's southeast.About 400,000 people live in the capital city of Asmara, located in the smallest province, Maakel.Other notable Ethiopian Americans residing in New York city include supermodel Liya Kebede, her husband and hedge fund manager Kassy Kebede, Swedish celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, and fashion designer Amsale Aberra.Around 4,600 Ethiopian residents were officially registered in the North Texas area.Most Muslim Ethiopian expatriates adhere to the Sunni school.

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