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The game page is remarkably easy to use, and requires nothing except a computer, and adobe flash.

Thanks again to all the girl gamers throughout the entire world and check back often for all the newest content released each day.

Like most men, I learned rather quickly that being that nice guy wasn’t the best of decisions. Then all of a sudden logic swarms back into reality and bad, once again, means bad.

You see, I never saw being nice as a decision that needed to be made – I understood it as a state that naturally existed. Understanding why women go for those bad boys isn’t difficult to understand.

Role playing is a fun way to get lost in a virtual world.

Be a player in the game and get a chance to live a fantasy life that otherwise you wouldn't be living.

Role playing gives you the chance to be a player in a universe that your imagination can only dream of.

Welcome to Girl Games 1, the girl gaming site with thousands of games picked just for kids.

In this free games arcade you get a chance to change the girl's hair color and style as if she was at a real hair salon.

Hair games for girls are so much fun because there are so many ways you can style hair.

So the truth is, ladies, that you don’t want a bad boy. You want to change that reckless, untamed man and you want to put a collar on him.

You want to tame a beast because it makes you feel strong, makes you feel good about yourself.

All of the combinations of haircuts, hair colors, and hair styles seem unlimited so you could spend hours changing the look until you've reached perfection.

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