New york dating coach cost


Unlike many consultants who propose a solution and leave you to implement it, your life coach stays with you to help you integrate the changes, new skills, and goals to make sure they really happen. Life coaches don’t work on past-based issues or traumas.

But unlike sports coaching, most professional coaching is not a competition.

4) You save a ton of money as the online course is very affordable! Life coaches on the other hand may or may not have a background or experience in your field.

A coach is a life specialist, an expert on helping you develop all areas of your business and/or personal life.

If you start life coaching, and have not resolved an issue from the past, then it is very likely you will be referred to work with a therapist to resolve the issue.

It is very common for unresolved traumas or addictions to stop us from getting what we want in our lives.

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