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In an interview he once joked that even his mother wanted him to get a 'proper job'.

'I've been an academic and a politician all my life.

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental.

----------------------------------------- Chapter 1 I stuffed my last cardboard box of personal belongings into the cargo hold of my girlfriend's Toyota Rav4, jumped into the passenger seat, and waited while she fussed over a map with directions to our new home. She flipped her shoulder-length hair out of her eyes for the umpteenth time and squinted to read the tiny letters. " She put the Rav into drive, and we started on our way. Darlene was a smart, feisty, petite brown-haired woman, just under five feet five inches tall, with small breasts, shoulder length hair, and a freckled baby face. I met Darlene at a local tavern where we developed an unlikely May-December relationship.

Officers began looking into claims last year that for years, prominent figures including VIPs, Whitehall officials and MPs plied young boys from local care homes with alcohol before ferrying them to flats at Dolphin Square where they were abused.

Lord Sewel has a studio apartment at the 7.5-acre estate in Pimlico, central London, which is popular with MPs and peers because it is a short walk from Westminster.

He then pulls down her top and snorts another line off her breast before stroking and pawing at both women.

A cigarette in hand, he unwraps the package while moaning about receiving only a £200-a-day allowance for attending the House of Lords.'Have you ever noticed before, when this has occurred previously, I have provided usually a ten pound note? 'It's rolled up and so in the morning at least I've got enough to buy me some breakfast.Ironically, these same rules could now be used to banish him.Writing about these changes on the Huffington Post website this month, he said; 'The actions of a few damage our reputation. Asked by one of the women, whose voice is disguised, about former Labour prime minister Tony Blair's decision to go to war in Iraq, Lord Sewel says the ex-party leader did so 'because he fell in love with George Bush'.Mapmakers tended to hide the most critical information in the smallest print known to man. We moved in together to save money when my landlord evicted me from my apartment for nonpayment of rent. She played the part of May at the youthful age of thirty-five years.I fulfilled the role of December at the tender age of sixty-mumble.I can't do substances because it can kill me.' One of the girls says: 'You were really naughty the other night.

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