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At Helahel we pride ourselves on being one of the only truly free Muslim matrimonial sites for single muslims.

Helahel has been designed to allow you to search for your ideal life partner in a safe environment while following traditional Islamic principles. Visit the Helahel forum to post any questions or thoughts you may have.

The site already has 35,000 members and is highly popular among Muslim men in places like Leicester.

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The app has been downloaded over 10,000 times before it stopped registering new members following concerns of fake accounts were being set up, and men using the site without the knowledge of their first wives. 5, and will impose stricter rules on users including requiring them to provide an identification card, marital status and a letter of permission from their first wives.’THIS IS WHAT GOD PLANNED FOR ME’Iyus Yusuf Fasyiya, an Indonesian factory worker who has two wives, said he used the app to share tips with other users on how to maintain a polygamous marriage.“Many members are looking for wives — they ask about how to start, how to maintain polygamous marriages, and also government regulations,” he said from his home village in Bogor, about 90-minute drive from the capital Jakarta.Helahel is a place for single Muslims to interact with others who hold the same traditional Islamic values and meet a partner for marriage.At Helahel, we want to help build strong relationships built on shared principles and trust, which is why this site is completely free to use.Khalid Mahmood, the MP for Perry Barr and a Muslim himself, branded Chaiwala's websites utterly "stupid"."It puts a person in huge peril because they are not allowed to claim, as a partner, on his estate.Men go with prostitutes; people look for swingers' clubs.

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