Migrating and consolidating file servers with enterprise vault

Alternate sorts and sorted columns "in between" can cause tangles. We us laptops in the field to document claims using apps developed in IBM Notes.

The data and forms are replicated back and forth between the server and the laptops.

Changing any of the values invalidates the signature. They still have the code sample I provided to them 16 years ago.Aside, I'm sure Microsoft will weigh in as doing something new & exciting so as to break this. We recently launched a new team database in Lotus Notes.Thousands of files were broken when they introduced Word 2010, and I've yet to see any substantial action to recover them. We're noticing some senders (specifically, other Lotus Notes team database IDs) email's are coming in flagged normal priority.One of the environments that I manage has a monitoring server that has an event generator set up that checks the connection to all of the servers (and to the replica on each of the servers) in the network every 3 minutes.If that connection attempt times out, the event generator is configured to send out an alert email.( Looks like they have some software options, I'll include the link below. Thank you all for responding to a previous question that I had, I greatly appreciate the help.

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