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If you are eligible to apply for the Graduate Course in Medicine (A101) you may also apply for the Standard Course in Medicine (A100).

This is the only instance when it's possible to apply for more than one course at the University.

NHS Bursaries are currently available for eligible Medicine students from Year 2 of the Graduate Course (A101).

See the NHS Student Bursaries website for further information.

Graduates are entitled to hold provisional registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) with a licence to practise, subject to demonstrating to the GMC that they are fit to practise (please note that this may be subject to change).Throughout the course, learning is supported by small-group sessions with a Graduate Course Tutor (a senior clinician in West Suffolk); groups in general practice and the Colleges; and hospital groups led by a clinical supervisor (a doctor in training).For further information about studying the Medicine (Graduate course) at the University of Cambridge see the School of Clinical Medicine website.If you choose to do so, you must apply to the same College for both courses (ie Lucy Cavendish, St Edmund's or Wolfson).It is not possible to apply for deferred entry to the Graduate Course in Medicine.The CGCM (A101) is intensely programmed and does not have the flexibility to allow additional degrees, optional study or exchange programmes.

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