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Can you explain what big moves you believe you made?

Because for viewers watching at home, it kind of looked like Andrea was right and you guys did just follow Rob to the end.

Show Updates People News Spoiler News Entertainment News Reality TVDB POP Hollywood Reality TV News Wire Features & Interviews Sexy Social Pics of the Day Things to Know Profiles Message Boards Shows Listing During a joint conference call with reporters on Monday, the women talked to Reality TV World about their Survivor experience -- including what big moves Ashley believes she made during the game; why Andrea felt the finale castaways implemented little, if any, strategic gameplay besides Survivor: Redemption Island winner "Boston" Rob Mariano; when Ashley discovered Rob had found a hidden Immunity Idol; and how Andrea reacted to the poor treatment she received by the guys upon her arrival on Redemption Island.

Reality TV World: Ashley, you said it was laughable that Andrea said Natalie and yourself hadn't made any big moves in the game [at Tribal Council].

I'm not really sure at this point if I would, though.

I'd love to go back if I have the opportunity but I'm not sure [if it will happen] or not."You came in second place in the 'fan favorite' vote.

I'd say my biggest regrets were messing up other people's games with my big mouth but I can't fully answer that.

"It was never so much that God was carrying me along in the game but he was carrying my actual being in terms of getting through each day. In that last duel when my vase fell, I was like, 'How did that happen? But I don't think it was necessarily about winning but more just God giving me the strength to continue forward and to keep fighting the good fight, I guess."You voted for Rob to win. "I'd have to say that my vote was based on excellence.There was a tangible unrest between the former Ometepe tribe and myself and I was trying to rid myself of that, though I ended up failing and putting a bigger target on my back. "Had you made it back into the game after the final duel, do you think that you could have won?"I think I would have had as good a chance as anyone.I don't know the will and purposes of God but I was just doing the best that I could.For me personally, I really loved my unique story that I had.experience as an outcast at Redemption Island, Matt Elrod earned the respect of viewers as well as his fellow players, who admired his continued success at beating fellow cast-offs in an unprecedented 11 duels.

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