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In season 4, Frank professed his love for her and the two started a relationship.Appeared on: 26 episodes Frank (Todd Giebenhain) is a creepy and incompetent co-worker at the store where Jimmy and Sabrina work.In the season four episode, Adoption, Sabrina officially adopts Hope.She is extremely nearsighted but usually wears contact lenses.He used to be overweight but he had gastric bypass surgery. Shelley is positive that Jimmy loves her and they start a relationship, which is ended by Jimmy when he reveals his feelings for Sabrina to her.She used to have a dead tooth that she kept as a conversation starter, but had it fixed out of fear of being made fun of.Since then, he has largely displaced Javier and Marcus as Jimmy's best male friend.In season 3, he and Jimmy were married, but later got an annulment in the episode “What Happens at Howdy's Doesn't Stay at Howdy's”.

Leachman also played the character of Norma June, Maw Maw's long-estranged, presumed deceased 104-year-old mother, in the Season 3 finale, "Mother's Day", in which both women argue, then reconcile, after which Norma June passes away peacefully in the bathroom.

Shelley runs a daycare center for children, dogs, and senior citizens, for whom she frequently plays the ukulele and composes songs.

In the episode "Mongooses," she is seen repeatedly turning her light switch on and off forty-five times, believing she must do so "to stay alive". In season 2 episode 20, Shelley is the first name Hope says, to Sabrina's annoyance.

Hope was conceived in Jimmy's van when he went out to get bubblegum ice cream and met a distressed Lucy Carlyle with whom he had a one-night stand.

Hope is shown to be very intelligent, which she gets from her mother, as she was able to do the shape-sorter when she was two (Jimmy wasn't able to do it even when he was four) and pass a GED test by randomly filling in the dots.

At one point, she scared her family by showing violent tendencies that made them think she was going to become a serial killer like Lucy; but they realized Lucy was a serial killer because she suppressed her anger and let it out drastically by killing and, if they let Hope release her anger normally, she'd be just fine. She works at the nearby grocery market despite coming from a rich family.

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