Mandating public


Provide school accommodations, including transportation, for all district students, notify the alleged responsible school board of any child to whom it denies accommodations, and follow hearing procedures for denial.Adopt written policies and procedures, approved by the school medical officer, if school board allows a school nurse or other authorized personnel to give students medicine or allows a student to self-administer medicine.Provide employees who (1) are parties to a civil union and (2) have worked for the political subdivision for at least 12 months and 1,250 hours during the past 12 months, with the same Family and Medical Leave Act benefits that federal law provides to parties to a marriage. Provide training to local and regional boards of education to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness, and submit annual action plan to the education commissioner outlining procedures for monitoring their effectiveness.Follow uniform standards required by the law to facilitate placement, enrollment, graduation, data collection, and other decisions involving children in grades K-12 when they move to other states because their parents are deployed on active duty in the U. In FY 10, (1) spend an MBR percentage of from 50% to 80% of any annual ECS increase on education and (2) if the district was in the third year or more of failing, as a district, to make AYP in math or reading, spend at least its new MBR percentage plus 20 percentage points or 80% of its increase, whichever is greater.Tell pupils, parents, guardians, and others standing in the place of parents about (1) the laws and regulations governing the use of physical restraints and seclusion and (2) related student and parental rights at the first planning and placement team meeting involving the student Identify children who require special education, provide special education, notify parents when children may require special education, maintain records, report annually on the progress of special education children in private institutions, and submit the report to the SBE upon request.

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If the child is working, superintendent must make a reasonable effort to find out the name and address of the employer.Schools without integrated pest management (IPM) plan must (1) provide parents and school staff with written statement of pest management policy at beginning of school year, (2) establish registry of those desiring 24 hours advance notice of pesticide use, (3) provide the notice by mail, and (4) keep pesticide application records for five years.Schools with IPM plans must (1) provide staff written guidelines on how plan is to be implemented and (2) provide parents with written plan summary.s (SDE) statewide public school information system, including, starting October 1, 2007, by reporting on at least (1) student experiences in preschool by program type and number of months in the program and (2) student readiness for, and progress in, kindergarten.Attest that the instruction is planned, ongoing, and systematic.Annually report the name, place of employment, and salary of the district's certified staff to the education commissioner and report the name and address of a new superintendent within seven days of the position being accepted.

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