Male psychology and dating

There’s no doubt about it…Male psychology in relationships and dating is complicated and confuses most women in from meeting, to starting a connection, to staying in love.

As much as women know what they know about men, most women don’t understand the psychology of a man’s behaviors they are dealing with…

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So today, I’m going to share with you two secrets about the psychology falling in love.

Ever wonder how to get him to have eyes only for you?

Is there a way to make certain playing hard to get won’t blow up in your face?

Don’t obsess over every small detail and don’t over-think the now or the future. stack State=0__/relationships/ photo Id=20877 Understanding Men…Will We Women Ever? Retrieved December 6, 2014, from When You Overthink.

Formulating a healthy mentality is not only beneficial to understanding men but also, should be utilized in all aspects of our lives. Do you think these insights/findings about women are accurate?

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