Loughborough university speed dating

The presenters will be Paul Smyth and David Caldwell.How Global Auto Correct aids the writing process by Global Auto Correct Global Auto Correct is a unique piece of software that autocorrects your spelling mistakes in every programme on the PC or Mac.Constantly thinking about spelling mistakes takes time and interrupts the creative process of writing.Our software runs in the background, intelligently correcting your spelling as you type.

Sonocent converts dynamic speech to a real, tangible thing by visualising audio as chunks, phrase-by-phrase.In this session, we’ll demonstrate how our unique audio highlighting system allows students to better engage with and repurpose auditory information.We’ll focus on audio-centric approaches to core study skills, which can break down barriers to learning for many students: Dyscalculia Solutions & Resources by iansyst Ltd | Assistive Technology Innovations iansyst Ltd, working with Loughborough University, will be discussing Dyscalculia and the recent advances in diagnosis and understanding of the condition.Together this helps students and employees to achieve their goal of starting and staying in studies or work.Organisations report higher quality of care, fewer incidents, quicker and more accurate reporting and substantial in year cost savings.Amongst people using the system 100% say it provides them with help when they need it.

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