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It's best to wait until the last couple of weeks of pregnancy to shop for nursing bras, when your breasts will be closest to their postpartum size. That said, once your milk comes in your breasts will be bigger. So keep that in mind when buying nursing bras, and when shopping in person look for a salesperson who's knowledgeable about fitting. The more you know about how to get started and the benefits of nursing, the more likely you are to succeed at it. Whether you think about it or not, your pregnant body is preparing itself for breastfeeding. These products aren't required, by any means, but they can make breastfeeding more comfortable and convenient: Nursing bras: These bras are comfortable and provide the extra support your larger-than-usual breasts need. They come with flaps that you can easily undo at feeding time.

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If you choose to drink, plan carefully to avoid exposing your baby to alcohol.

(You can wait until after you give birth to make this purchase, but in the early days after delivery you probably won't have the time or energy to go bra shopping.) Nursing tops and camisoles: These tops have convenient flaps that allow you to breastfeed easily and discreetly.

Some of the camisoles are very supportive and can function as a bra and top in one.

Also, while folklore says that drinking alcohol improves milk production, studies show that alcohol actually decreases milk production and that the presence of alcohol in breast milk causes babies to drink about 20 percent less breast milk.

If you choose to drink, avoid breast-feeding until alcohol has completely cleared your breast milk.

Breast pads: It's normal for your breasts to leak while you're nursing, and another baby's cry or the sight of an infant can bring on a gush of milk when you least expect it.

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