Laws on dating a minor in west virginia

Your divorce doesn’t have to break you or the bank.

There is a kinder, quicker and less expensive alternative to the typical TV divorce drama – an uncontested or simplified divorce.

However, for separated spouses, either the county in which you live, or where you spouse lives, is proper to file your paperwork.

The West Virginia Judiciary System offers online forms for completing an uncontested divorce available here or in hard copy at the local courthouse.

Thus, West Virginia requires spouses to wait at least 20 days before a divorce could be completed; however, how long your uncontested divorce will take is dependent on how quickly your hearing before the judge can be scheduled.

If you're convicted of DUI, your driver's license will be automatically suspended (among other possible penalties) until you complete the necessary steps for reinstatement.

Uncontested divorces are a faster option available to couples with or without children and are generally much less expensive than contested divorces.

West Virginia offers a simplified process for uncontested divorces if spouses are able to agree on all major issues in the divorce.

The following is a list of major issues that must be resolved by the spouses before filing an uncontested divorce action in West Virginia: If you meet the above criteria, you may proceed with your uncontested divorce by filing a divorce petition and subsequent settlement agreement.

West Virginia Legal Services publishes a comprehensive website with instructions for completing the divorce process on your own.

This article provides a general overview of the process to obtain an uncontested divorce in West Virginia.

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