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(b) A petition to adopt an adult may be granted only if written consent to adoption has been executed by the adult and the adult’s spouse or by the guardian or conservator of an incapacitated adult. Hearing (c) If at the conclusion of the hearing the court determines that the required consents have been obtained or excused and that the adoption is in the best interest of the person to be adopted, it may issue a final decree of adoption.

If at the hearing the court finds that it will be for the welfare of the adopted person and for the public interest that the agreement be approved, it may pass an order of approval of it and cause the agreement and the order to be recorded. Any person, or any husband and wife jointly, desiring to adopt any person or persons upwards of 18 years of age, shall file a petition in the Family Court of the county in which the petitioner or the person to § 952. The petition shall state the name, sex and date of birth of the person or persons whose adoption is sought and that the petitioner or petitioners desire to adopt such person or persons. If the petition complies with the requirements of §§ 951 and 952 of this title, and if the person or persons to be adopted appear in court and consent to the adoption, the Family Court may render a decree ordering the issuance of a certificate of adoption to the petitioner or petitioners. Upon the issuance of the decree of adoption and forever thereafter, all the duties, rights, privileges and obligations recognized by law between parent and child shall exist between the petitioner or petitioners and the person or persons adopted, as fully and to all intents and purposes as if such person or persons were the lawful and natural offspring or issue of the petitioner or petitioners. (2) The following persons may adopt: (a) A husband and wife jointly; (b) An unmarried adult; or (c) A married person without the other spouse joining as a petitioner, if the person to be adopted is not his or her spouse, and if 1. (5) If the person to be adopted is an adult, the court may enter an order of adoption after all of the following occur: (a) The person to be adopted consents to the adoption according to section 43(3) of this chapter.

NOTE: IT IS IMPORTANT TO OBTAIN PROFESSIONAL LEGAL ADVICE BEFORE PURSUING ANY ACTION. The court may require notice of the time and place of the hearing to be served on any other interested persons. (b) A person may not adopt an unrelated adult under this part within one year of an adoption of another person under this part by the prospective adoptive parent’s spouse, unless the proposed adoptee is a biological sibling of a person previously adopted pursuant to this part. A person adopted pursuant to this part may take the family name of the adoptive parent. After adoption, the adoptee and the adoptive parent or parents shall sustain towards each other the legal relationship of parent and child and have all the rights and are subject to all the duties of that relationship. (a) Except as provided in subdivision (b), the birth parents of a person adopted pursuant to this part are, from the time of the adoption, relieved of all parental duties towards, and all responsibility for, the adopted person, and have no right over the adopted person. (a) An adult may adopt another adult who is younger, except the spouse of the prospective adoptive parent, by an adoption agreement approved by the court, as provided in this chapter.

Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California| Colorado | Connecticut | District of Columbia| Delaware | Florida| Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho| Illinois | Indiana | Iowa| Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana| Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts| Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi| Missouri | Montana | Nebraska| Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York| North Carolina | North Dakota| Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon| Pennsylvania | Rhode Island| South Carolina | South Dakota| Tennessee | Texas | Utah| Vermont | Virginia | Washington| West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming State Code of Alabama, Title 26, Chapter 10, Section 26-10A-6 Who may be adopted: The following persons may be adopted: (1) A minor. Any interested person may appear and object to the proposed adoption. (b) Where an adult is adopted by the spouse of a birth parent, the parental rights and responsibilities of that birth parent are not affected by the adoption. A hearing with regard to adoption under Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 9320) or termination of a parent and child relationship under Chapter 3 (commencing with Section 9340) may, in the discretion of the court, be open and public. (b) The adoption agreement shall be in writing, executed by the prospective adoptive parent and the proposed adoptee, and shall state that the parties agree to assume toward each other the legal relationship of parent and child and to have all of the rights and be subject to all of the duties and responsibilities of that relationship. (a) The prospective adoptive parent and the proposed adoptee may file in the county in which either person resides a petition for approval of the adoption agreement. (4) A statement as to why the adoption would be in the best interest of the prospective adoptive parent, the proposed adoptee, and the public.

Upon approval of the court, a person eighteen years of age or older and under twenty-one years of age may be adopted as a child, and all provisions of this part 2 referring to the adoption of a child shall apply to such a person. He shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges and be subject to all the obligations of a child born in lawful wedlock to the petitioner. Particular Actions, Proceedings and Matters, Chapter 3 Adoption § 16-303. A person, whether a minor or an adult, may be adopted. Investigations when prospective adoptee is adult or petitioner is spouse or domestic partner of natural parent. (b) If the court in which a petition for adoption is filed under this section considers it necessary, the court may order: (1) the type of investigation that is conducted in an adoption of a child who is less than eighteen (18) years of age; or (2) any other inquiry that the court considers advisable; before granting the petition for adoption. 710.43 Consent to adoption; persons authorized to execute.

Note: the following statute governing adult adoption allows an adult to enter into an agreement with another adult for inheritance purposes. (a) Any person eighteen years of age or older may, by written agreement with another person at least eighteen years of age but younger than himself or herself, unless the other person is his or her wife, husband, brother, sister, uncle or aunt of the whole or half-blood, adopt the other person as his or her child, provided the written agreement shall be approved by the court of probate for the district in which the adopting parent resides or, if the adopting parent is not an inhabitant of this state, for the district in which the adopted person resides. The costs shall be taxed by the Court on the petitioner or petitioners. (a) The court may dispense with the investigation, report, and interlocutory decree provided for by this chapter when: (1) The prospective adoptee is an adult; or (2) The petitioner is a spouse or domestic partner of the natural parent of the prospective adoptee and the natural parents consents to the adoption or joins in the petition for adoption. (3) If the individual to be adopted is an adult, the individual’s consent is necessary before the court may enter an order of adoption, but consent by any other individual is not required.

The court shall have the power to change the name of the child as a part of the adoption proceedings. If the husband or wife so joins the petition therefor, the adoption shall be by them jointly.

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