Krischan girls XQo Mr Xex J Antipathy toward religion is often portrayed as antipathy toward the religious.But all the atheists I know view religion merely as a bad habit of otherwise innocent people - like smoking.Name searches also included requests for the top names for boys and girls.Every boy dreams for a life partner, who shares his sorrow & happiness, backs him in every turn of life, understands his feelings, and makes him & his family happy. A classic Christian name, Grace means ‘blessing’ in Latin. Another traditional Christian name, Hannah still has many takers. If you want a name that is unique, try this beauty! 25:1Leah is another classic Christian name that means ‘tired’ in Hebrew. No, Lois is not just another character from Superman! Bible mention – Acts 13:9Rachel means ‘sheep’ in Hebrew. And if you are a fan of yesteryears hit sitcom, the name will have additional meaning. 29:6Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau. A very English name, Ruth means ‘content’ in Hebrew. Bible mention – Romans The name Jemimah means ‘as beautiful as the day’ in Hebrew. Bible mention – Judges The name means ‘small or little’ in Latin. Myself in a sentence: I am a tattoo artist in Milwaukee Wisconsin.New to the game but up in coming soaking in as much knowledge and creativty I can.

I am learning everyday and picking up wisdom from all the artist I have came across since I have been in this tattoo world. Everything in this relm intrigues me and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Bible mention – Judges [ Read: Foreign Baby Girl Names ]If you want to give your daughter a name that is both Christian and trendy, you can consider Joanna. Bible mention – Luke 8:3If you are not averse to common names, you can give Julia a chance. This christian girl baby names are common but popular.

Bible mention – Psalm An uncommon yet interesting Christian name, Jael means ‘one who ascends’ in Hebrew. So, enjoy your life with the new member in your family! Share your choice with us in the comments section below.

These names come from three essential sources – The Bible, The Old Testament, and The New Testament.

There are other biblical references as well from where these names are taken.

Traditions and customs define people, their thoughts, and opinions, their lifestyle, etc. Bible mention – Acts The Christian baby girl names grow elegant as we move. Bible mention – Songs 2:1The Greek language is a treasure trove! Bible mention – Acts A beautiful name with an even more beautiful meaning! Well, then give her a name that reflects just that! Bible mention – Mark The name Terah means ‘to blow or scent’ in Hebrew. The name Tirzah means ‘benevolent or pleasing’ in Hebrew. If you like to give traditional names a modern twist, you can name your daughter Victory too. 20:4Zemira has such a nice ring to it, don’t you agree?

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