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When I watched that and subsequent seasons, it was clear to me that while Kandi was sincere, Kim was using Kandi to produce Don’t be Tardy and Ring Don’t Mean a Thing, and outside of that, Kim had no real interest in developing a real friendship with Kandi Kim is not overly burdened with girlfriends.

I think Kim wants her family to be another K family. I found one article that had hers at 1.5 million, and his at 5.5 million.Those people had big bucks, but they didn't wave their designer bags and try to let you know how much money they had; it was considered to be tacky to do so.It was merely known that they did have money, and guess what? They together had their second daughter, Ariana on October 17, 2001. They began dating each other back in the mid-1990s. After few years of their relationship, the couple got married on May 5, 2001.I look at Kim's life this way-she probably spends at least three hours in front of the mirror primping.

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