Katrina kaif dating

Though it is very obvious that the latest Bollywood couple is inseparable but they are extracting some inane pleasure in deluding the media with their 'we are just good friends' statement. Ranbir is giving his undivided attention to Katrina and this change has come about ever since the chemistry between Ranbir and ex-girlfriend Deepika Padokone blew everyone in 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani'.

Hmmm Katrina knows how to bridle her man unlike Deepika who let Ranbir slip out (with Katrina of course! After 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' Ranbir and Katrina started that whirlwind dating sessions; all the details strategically reached the media.

On July 15, they celebrated Katrina's birthday eve with friends, the two then drove to a five star hotel, had dinner, and Ranbir gifted her an expensive pair of earrings (note the strategic leak of information).

After their dinner date they left for the screening of 'Ship Of Theseus'.

That can’t be said about Ranbir and Katrina’s chemistry any more, can it? ) has been supporting Katrina post her break-up with Ranbir.

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Their chemistry in the trailer and songs of the movie is magical.According to a tabloid, the ‘deeply upset’ actor released an official statement, saying, “These reports are completely false, baseless and even amusing.We urge people not to believe such irresponsible stories.”The “stories” mentioned in the statement are the recent articles that spoke on their brewing romance, which did not go down well with Katrina.It was also reported that these romance rumours created discomfort for the Kapoor And Sons’ actor’s alleged girlfriend Alia Bhatt. The cat if finally out of the bag, but looks like Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are still enjoying this cat and mouse game with their fans, public and media. The two lovers have been inseparable in the past few months (often caught on camera unwillingly).Knowing the fact that media will be present they arrived in separate cars; making it too obvious or maybe that's the plan.

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