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I can’t help but get angry when I read that phrase, because to me, saying “I don’t want my date to take herself/himself too seriously” has very negative implications.

What does “taking oneself too seriously” even mean to begin with?

But the response I received was, “Oh Anne, they just want a hookup!

” Now, this isn’t to start an argument over whether or not that’s true. But still, it got me wondering if that really was meant as a “secret code” for “I just want to sleep with you”, or if not, what it was truly seeking to address.

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This one statement, written in many of the profiles I’ve encountered, triggers such confusion and frustration in me that I decided to write to the masses about it.

One could say it means the person seems intense, crazy, outlandish, or maybe just seemingly “too much”?

But, my goodness, weren’t some of the greatest thinkers, creators, athletes, businessmen and women, artists, and musicians of our human existence a bit “out there” to some extent?

But for me, not taking yourself seriously means you are lacking passion.

It means maybe you’re the type of person who wants to be laid back about everything in life, but because of fear for showing you actually care.

Remember being in high school and how scary it was admitting to your friends you actually liked a certain band, food, color, or that kid in math class?! Because if the “cool kids” didn’t agree with you, you were at risk of either being publicly humiliated, or worse, physically bullied.

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