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A global edition spinoff of the widely popular We Got Married, get to see how the on-screen virtual marriage between idol celebrities from different countries work out through weekly missions and candid interviews. The licensed remake of popular South Korean Variety Show We Got Married, titled “We Are In Love” was broadcast starting on 19 April 2015.

Two out of three pairings were international: T-ara's Hyomin and Super Junior's Kyuhyun.

I was rewatching back the refreshing episodes of hyunjoong and hwangbo before the cheusok special one where they came together jogging and later on making themselves compete each other running to the end of the mission box. thats when i scrolled down the comments i noticed one of the users mentioned "*" and i hurriedly fast forward to that part. at first i was looking for where hwangbo in the studio dissapointed" i didnt get to it yet i kept doing the same thrice the silly me not carefully reading it was at that time when hyunjoong was teasing hwangbo with her said " when i get married, i want to do many good deeds all my life like shin aera and cha inpyo-nim. on the day of your wedding i'll spread that woman is married twice! it was very short and low and it comes in-between after hyundong's voice or one of the mc's . even sexier and deeper than any of micky's 5 ways to say saranghae for his second chance in loveletter.

blabla so as i finished the first one im on for the next.

], but who they will end up dating and eventually marrying is none of my business.

This Joongbo love and reading fanfics about them is purely for my personal delightful project, which is : spoiling myself !!

It was produced by MBC to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of South Korea’s diplomatic ties with China.

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