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Pastina Bolognese, Rosemary Shrimpand the cavatelli. All were very good and the salad served with entree was appropriate.

We will be back often because the food is better than other local Italian restaurants, and the prices are reasonable.

(facebook review, July 23, 2016) We had a dinner with my mom and aunts for a last hurrah before my wedding coming up- the server was Kaitlyn and she was so kind and efficient. (facebook review, June 28, 2016) Thank you to Mike Negrelli & Staff for wonderful food and service on Thursday night (May26) for my husband to be birthday/prewedding dinner. The restaurant is gorgeous, the service is outstanding, and the food... I wish we'd had dessert but just because I bet they're amazing too.. I eat here about once a week and every time I find something new and exciting to try. (Yelp Review | June 26, 2015) GREAT Italian food from real Italians! I was encouraged as the parking lot was full on a Thursday night and a number of people were waiting for tables. Nonetheless, I was greeted quickly and got a glass of the house Chianti. The atmosphere was very nice, lots of people and a beautiful bar. I had just come back from Italy a few months earlier when I went here for the first time & the food they are creating is very simialr to some of the new, younger bistros opening up throughout Italy. Husband got chicken parm, homemade noodles, juicy chicken. (facebook Review | June 2015) We had a surprise birthday party for my wife over the Memorial weekend on their large patio. Unlike pretty much every Italian restaurant weve been to, the pasta was actually firm and al dente.

Tirimisu was outstanding as was the creme brle and cannoli. The staff did an outstanding job and we couldn't have been happier. Thank you to the Longo family you will be highly recommended. (facebook review April 25, 2016) We had a private party there for my mother's 90th birthday on a Saturday afternoon. I wouldn't hesitate to have a private party there again or make this one of my "go-to" restaurants. Please note: This dish was enough to share for our party of four! My hubby had the Bolognese and he was super impressed, (and that's saying a lot because his sauce is totally delicious too). At first I was like great, another Italian place in mentor? Pastina offers some of the best food in the city and is now my first choice when dinning close to home. (Yelp Review | June 26, 2015) I have wanted to try this restaurant for some time. It is not your tradtional Italian American, it is a fusion of modern twists, keeping the premised of fresh, simple ingredients which are so important in Italian cousine. It is one of my favorite places to go to in Lake County! (facebook Review | June 2015) The sauce was good, I got the pork shank with mushroom risotto, risotto was perfect, shank good, crispy outside, juicy inside. The food was fabulous, the staff was fantastic, and the patio was a great place to be. As an Italian family, we make it at home all the time and this was definitely homemade.

(facebook review, May 23, 2016) Wonderful dinner and atmosphere. I enjoy d the American Cobia special with a risotto that was just perfect. (facebook review, May 22, 2016) Exceeded all expectations and then some. The accommodations they made and atmosphere set was beautiful. I picked a limited menu and they had them printed up for the guests. All the guests were pleased and complimentary about the food and service. Without any request by my wife, the server deeply apologize for the delay and comp'ted the salad! Finished off our collective meals with the bad pudding. The veggies were cooked perfectly, and the house-made ravioli was unbelievable. Hopefully, they will stay here for a long, long time ... Salad was ok, liked the fresh herbs but the house Italian tastet like dressed up bottled. Bravo for the diligence that has gone in to a restaurant that uses local resources and works hard to provide the best all around experience. (Google Review | June 2015) I absolutely love this place. As for the food, as an Italian living here in the States, I can honestly tell you it is really good! (facebook Review | June 2015) I ordered the cavatelli and was extremely impressed.

The kitchen did a great job of preparing the food and getting it all out at the same time. The plates were fantastic and the tastes were wonderful. Salad and another side were ordered as a meal and for whatever reason, the salad was late to the table. I had the Spring Pea Ravioli and ohmygawd it was totally fabulous. We were so pleasantly surprised by the ambience inside because the exterior is very generic. Husband got chicken parm, homemade noodles, juicy chicken. The service leaves nothing to chance very attentive without hovering. The beet salad features in-house mozzarella and drizzled with wonderful balsamic syrup. Matt is incredibly accomodating to all the guest & it really is true that the owners & the staff believe in exceptional service. If you knew the location before (I do) great make over!

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I had the lamb and gnocchi special and my fianc had the Luna Rosa cavatelli. I am a pastry chef and the tiramisu wasnt anything to write home about. Zerina was personable and funny with great recommendations. Our server Justin took excellent care of us and all of the food was delicious! If you want frozen breadsticks & chx parm, go to Olive Garden. (Yelp Review | March 29, 2015) Have been there twice in the last 10 days.

19, 2015) Everything was so amazingly good, I couldn't believe it. 6, 2015) It's funny how we always thought we had to go to Little Italy for authentic Italian! (Yelp Review | June 1, 2015) This is a great restaurant and Im really glad it opened in Mentor.

(Yelp Review | May 15, 2015) I have been to the restaurant 2 times now.

I loved the open kitchen and the bar area had its own unique atmosphere for an after dinner drink.

That marinara you serve with the bread I could drink it. From the smiling hostesses, to the accommodating and friendly service to the best tasting Italian food I have ever had. Fresh pasta that was perfectly cooked with a delicious not too heavy sauce and lots of clams. DELICIOUS food and very attentive, knowledgeable waiters.

He was very knowledgeable about your food, and gave great service! Service is always top notch and food is delicious and fresh. It is covered and even though it was raining people were comfortable eating there, it was almost full. Which is the appropriate pasta for this type of sauce. (Yelp Review | June 6, 2015) So first lets start with they say no reservations but they will take them before 6 and after 8. We told them we were bringing in a cake and they even offered to serve it ! The outside patio is amazing and you can still sit outside even if its pouring rain like it was the night we were there. The number one thing at our table offered was the pork shank with mushroom risotto ! (Yelp Review | June 4, 2015) Drove past the restaurant and decided to try it out.

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