Interracial sex dating uk

She left her life behind her in Richmond and moved to Nigeria for thirteen years.

My nana told me that she used to look at her hand linked in his, and thought it was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen. Before I set to writing this, I spoke to my nana about her experiences.

1960s Britain was an incredibly tough place for a mixed race couple, but in Nigeria things were just as uncomfortable.

Nana’s white skin was discussed in front of her as if she was not there and she could hardly retort in a society where women were often seen and not heard. She spoke of being driven around the villages in the jeep so people could see him with his “White Wife”.

One of the big questions society must answer right now is whether or not we live in a post-racial society.

So for a long time, I thought that my skin was ugly.It seems that even today, the realm of love and relationships is not exempt from the political.In this post, gives us a very intimate and personal insight into the experiences and, sometimes the politics of, interracial dating ‘then’ and ‘now’. She grew up in the serene white middle-class surroundings of Richmond, attended the local Catholic school and had been married once before, with three kids.At times, she enjoyed this and at times she resented it.As a wife, there were expectations in Nigeria that she would have not have accepted at home.On the other hand and to my dismay, even my mother said recently that she would be “very very surprised” if my brother came home with a black girl.

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