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Meilin loved the place and was excited to try out everything.She had visited similar places in China but they were always overcrowded and not very enjoyable.This is the story of our experiences in saunas and spas in Switzerland and Germany. If you're looking for quick and hard sex look elsewhere!* After our trip I noticed a distinct change in Jia.There was one problem however, we were about to have a visit of her cousin's 21 year old daughter Meilin.Meilin was on holiday in Europe and would be staying with us for two weeks.

After looking at the four outdoor saunas we decided on one with low heat and high humidity.

A guy and another couple came in later but we took no notice and continued to enjoy the warmth and relaxation.

After about half an hour Jia sat up and indicated she wanted to leave, we left and went to have a shower in the area between the outdoor saunas.

She didn't bother wrapping up in her towel and looked very relaxed and happy.

Watching her walk around naked and have a shower was a great turn-on for me and I again had to think of other things to avoid embarrassment.

She didn't want it all off as she said she would look like a little girl with no breasts and no pubic hair!

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