How to stop ie from updating webpages


Install the latest updates for Internet Explorer and Windows from Windows Update – this can fix some crashes.

You may also be able to solve crashes by updating Internet security applications like firewalls and antivirus programs.

This can occasionally cause problems with some graphics hardware and graphics drivers.

You can see whether this is causing the problem by disabling hardware acceleration. Click the Advanced tab and enable the “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” option under Accelerated graphics.

Malware can cause many types of applications to crash, especially web browsers like Internet Explorer.

Disable add-ons one by one – or disable them all and enable them one by one – until you identify the add-on causing the problem.

If you don’t need the add-ons, feel free to leave them disabled.

Internet Explorer will open without loading any add-ons.

Try using it without add-ons – if no crashes occur, a buggy add-on is causing the crash.

How do I change this so that it just expands IE when I click on the icon?

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