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‘and I'm like’ in naturally occurring video-taped conversation.This particular quotative is used in storytellings to convey the punchline or materials contributing to the climax of a story.This ring could add another 5-10% extra damage versus dragons, depending on your class.

Greater Protection from Dragon Scrolls: Again, 10% LESS damage from dragons.

It introduces predominantly sound effects, body movements and gestures of the quoted speaker combined with verbal elements, thereby turning the quote into a performance.

A particular quotation format is associated with the use of : the use by German speakers of suprasegmental features or other turn-exit devices to mark the end of the reported speech.

Wir machen Piratenspiele oder bauen ein Floß und stechen in den Störitzsee.

Wir zielen auf farbbefüllte Luftballons und „malen“ ganz nebenbei unser eigenes Aquarell-Bild!

If you have the Dragonborn Pack, there's something interesting in there that you might not know about.

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