Hot cam


It depends on fueling and if you are maxing the factory injectors.

For a mild VS cam setup though you likely wouldn't.

It does well at high rpm and makes power past 6500.

We highly recommend running a 136# Comp Cams valve spring, Modified was developed by ZZP to maximize the HP of a 3800 using an M90 in an all out build.

The XPZ requires ported heads with machined valve guides, at least a 136# Comp Cams, or 155 # valve spring, Modified Hey, absolutely love Zzp products!

It pulls higher in the rpms and there is no noticeable power loss from the bottom.If you wanna see the best upskirt photos and videos in the highest HD quality with some really hot babes demonstrating their sexy upskirts with panties showing off and accidental oops upskirt.These lovely cuties stay unaware of our nosy hunters tracing them down with their everpresent cam peeking up the skirt and shooting every inch of their seemingly invisible charms.However we recommend at least the The X-P HOT cam is designed for supercharged or nitrous applications on 96 and up GM 3800s.The XP cam produces higher WHP and torque numbers than any cam grind currently available (that can be used with stock heads).is designed for use on totally stock heads and can be used with all stock components up to 6k rpm.

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