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Statue, originally showing a reclining hermaphrodite. The male characteristics and the infants around his breasts were removed from the figure.Two years after its purchase Blundell mentioned them in his Account, but by the time the Engravings catalogue was published the genitals and the infants had been removed.So I've asked one of our Reasonable Faith volunteers who has done some thinking in this area to address your question.I think you'll find his response below to be both interesting and illuminating.I myself am not this way, but I have read about those born with both male and female reproductive organs.To get to the point, what is the moral thing to do for a hermaphrodite? If they decide to engage in a relationship, how will they determine which sex to date? I am well aware of what the bible has to say about engaging in homosexual activity, but would it be considered moral for someone who has both reproductive organs to choose which gender to date?Either there is a fact of the matter as to which sex a person is, or there isn't.

Iconographically the statue has its origin in the Hellenistic time but is the work of a Roman era.

Bartman notes that her pose is more similar to sleepers and nymphs such as the Vatican's Ariadne than the Louvre Hermaphrodite.

Like the Ariadne she reclines in on a drapery covered rock with most of the body exposed, the nudity and fleshness accentuated by the partial covering.

Earlier scholars such as Michaels saw this as not a particularly interesting statue but Bartman believes that it is not only iconographically rare but also of excellent quality.

If compared with the Borghese Sleeping Hermaphrodite who is reclining on a matress and created by Bernini and its various replicas, the Ince one is designed to be viewed from the front only.

Hermaphrodites suffer, as you are aware, a birth defect of having at least both sex organs partially developed.

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