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At ang dalawang anak ni Eli, na si Ophni at si Phinees, na mga saserdote sa Panginoon, ay nangandoon.Sa gayo'y bumangon si Ana pagkatapos na makakain sila sa Silo at pagkatapos na sila'y makainom.The nation had passed through a long series of declines, and had come into a condition of lawlessness, division, and idolatry.The weakness of some of the judges and the wickedness of others, together with the instability of the people, had brought the twelve tribes, so wonderfully led from bondage in Egypt to homes of their own in the land of Canaan, to the verge of ruin.I myself will oversee, but you, should you be chosen, will be the life of the party here! Hilly Daily is an established fanblog, widely recognized by the amazing Hilly Crew, and approved by The Hillywood Show themselves! I need someone who will have the time to post regularly- otherwise, there really isn’t a need for a co-owner. Name: Age: Time Zone: Contact (i.e, e-mail, Tumblr, Skype): Example of Work (i.e, your gifs, edits, graphics, etc): Self Introductory Paragraph (3-5 sentences): -That’s it! You make such a difference in the hearts and lives of others. Hilly’s birthday is just right around the corner (March 2nd!On many, many occasions, both of the girls have praised this wonderful page and spoken out about it with love and positivity. So many smiles and laughs around the world were and are caused because of you! ), and for the fifth year in a row, I thought it would be a cool and fun idea to put together a personalized, fan-made Fan Map (be sure to include your county in your submission! If you have any *pictures, or types of messages you’d like to send to Hilly, you can do so in one of two ways!A man was needed who could once more introduce Divine government among them.God gave them such a man in answer to Hannah's prayer. Hannah was "in bitterness of soul" because she had no child, and vowed that if a son were given her she would dedicate the child to the service of the Lord. The birth of a child is so common an event that, like all our greatest blessings, which are common to all, it attracts but little attention, outside of parents and immediate friends.

I truly appreciate you more than you know, and can’t wait to add to the team! I could not be more thrilled and eager to see all of the wonderful applications and works of those submitting!

Images and information on this blog are copyright to their respectful owners. I would love to hear ideas for ways in which to keep this blog alive and well and full of incredible content for you to enjoy.

If there is any content appearing on this blog that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please message us with a link to say which image and it will be promptly removed. After a week of attempting to contact 5 different talented submitters, I have heard nothing back. This search has been a struggle, and is proving difficult, but I refuse to give up!

Ngayo'y si Eli na saserdote ay nakaupo sa upuan niya sa siping ng haligi ng pintuan ng templo ng Panginoon.

At siya'y nanata ng isang panata, at nagsabi, Oh Panginoon ng mga hukbo, kung tunay na iyong lilingunin ang pagkapighati ng iyong lingkod, at aalalahanin mo at hindi mo kalilimutan ang iyong lingkod, kundi iyong pagkakalooban ang iyong lingkod ng anak na lalake, ay akin ngang ibibigay sa Panginoon sa lahat ng kaarawan ng kaniyang buhay, at walang pangahit na daraan sa kaniyang ulo.

The fans who have come to this blog to submit and ask questions have always been incredibly sweet, helpful, and friendly - being here is like being in a family! Then you’re exactly who I want on this fantastic journey with me! I hope beyond hope that today be a blessed and fantastically fun day for you! : The deadline to send in your messages/photos/etc, is SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH. (Watch the video of Hilly Hindi looking through the first year’s Birthday Project Scrapbook here! (Read Hilly Hindi’s reply to the second year’s Birthday Project Scroll [here] and [here]! (Read Hilly Hindi’s reply to the third year’s Birthday Project Pop-Up Book [here]! (See Hilly Hindi’s post about the fourth year’s Birthday Project Wall Calendar [here]!

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