Golf buddies dating


Those are all signs that it’s time to start planning your spring golf trip with buddies to Myrtle Beach.

3) For your one-stop spot for booking a Myrtle Beach golf getaway, stick with Not only do we have agreements with local courses that allow us to purchase tee times in bulk at wholesale rates, we are also affiliated with area resorts, hotels and golf villas that offer golf groups discounted room and board.Several airlines fly direct to Myrtle Beach from major cities in the Midwest and Northeast, so much so that it might be cheaper for members of your group to carpool to a common airport to make the best possible flight.Some might prefer to drive the distance to Myrtle Beach, which is fine for saving a few bucks could ultimately cost you a couple of days on the course.4) After combing the web for info, put together three possible package options to present to the group.Granted, all are not likely to agree on the same package - some will prefer to play different courses and stay at different accommodations - but at least you will get a idea about which options are most popular among the group.Here’s a five-step checklist for planning your spring golf trip to Myrtle Beach: 1) Pick a date: As obvious as it sounds, this first step could be a real deal breaker if everyone's not on board from the start.

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