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In his 22 years with Aero Stop Nut, he and Sid Greendorfer, Bob Greendorfer and Leonard Robinowitz built Aero and its sister divisions at Fastener City. He authored numerous technical papers instructed engineers on using correct fasteners and he led fastener manufacturers to meet new developments in industrial bolting.He retired as general manager/vice president of Aero Stop Nut in 1993. He served in many capacities with ISO, ANSI, ASTM, ASME and SAE.In 1956 Cameron left Anti-Corrosive with president Jerry Kapner to start Albany Products in Norwalk, CT. and then became a salesman for S&B Fasteners before starting his own company, Always Best Fasteners, in Massillon, OH.She was involved in purchasing and sales, secretarial duties and training those who later rose in the industry. He was a long time member of the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association. 2011 – Jack Edward Carter, 73, founder and owner of Industrial Products Company of Lynchburg, VA. He started in the fastener business in 1978 with ITW Shakeproof.

2010 – Harry Boyd Baker, 98, had been president of Southern Fasteners & Parts, Southern Industrial Distributors and Nu Way. He was self-employed with Reminc & Conti Fasteners and had been president of Continental Screw Co. After 21 years with Republic he left to become vice-president of Metal Source until that company was absorbed by U. 2014 – Cheryl Elaine Bott Bennett, 67, died August 31, 2014. She first retired from the fastener industry in 2002. “Goodie” Best, 70, had been the owner/operator of Best Fastener & Supply of Kansas City, MO.

After making sales calls on the West Coast in 1962 with San Francisco-based sales rep Everett Appleton, Cameron got Albany to add San Carlos, CA, and Dallas branches to its Boston and Chicago sites. He joined Southern Fastening Systems in 1989 as manager of manufacturing engineers.

In 1980 Cameron joined Allied Stainless and worked until the company moved to Wisconsin. He and two other ex-Southern employees started Southern Screw Products in 1990 after Southern Fastening broke up.

He authored numerous technical articles, held patents in the U. and Europe and was active with ISO, ASTM, ANSI, ASME and SAE. Dick was editor and publisher, and Harriet handled the behind-the-scenes day-to-day operations for the businesses. “Dick” Callahan, 73, the founder, first editor and publisher of magazine. In a 2008 interview with marking her 90th birthday, she recalled making drawings of fasteners for customers by tracing original prints on onionskin paper held up to a window for light.

Callahan received the Wire Association’s Mordica Award, an honorary lifetime achievement award by the Wire & Cable Clubs of America and U. During World War II there was no record of what was in stock or where in the warehouse it was located, Cameron said. Cameron” so no one would know her gender, she “never found being a woman was rough.

A gunman dressed as a police officer went on a rampage in the state parliament building, killing at least 14 people.

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