Geek guys dating


Plus, there are even several types of geeks, from those who just love what they do to those who are a little socially inept, acknowledges John, a sophomore at Princeton University, so in the end “there is always the biggest factor – compatibility.

Solely focusing on labels, while they may guide our love interests, blinds us to the unique traits that free people from social molds and allow us to better gauge how successful a relationship may be.

Maintaining a level of privacy can be difficult, but dating a geeky guy who isn’t the center of attention means you can worry a little less about others talking about your personal life.

Sierra, a junior at Stanford University, also warns that others might also “assume you’re a certain type of girl if you are dating the popular guy.” Less popular guys have fewer social webs and sticky situations for you to get caught in.

Other Variables to Consider The final step when trying to confirm or debunk a myth, as any geek will tell you, is to consider what you haven’t accounted for.

The fact is that although stereotypes are rooted in some truth, meaning many assumptions we make about geeks may be correct, they can’t be accepted without caution.

” and hypothetical situations that always seem to come up with hot guys who we know other girls are eyeing too.

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